1. Winners determined by overall fastest accumulated time.

2. Drivers must be in their vehicle and staged within 5 minutes of race or you will forfeit Pass. 

3. Mandatory Drivers Meeting will be announced before racing begins.

4.Any and all communications MUST bein a respectful manner to fellow drivers and officials alike.

5. All Vehicles must have Mandatory Rear Tow Points, Prefer Front and Rear.  All vehicles must be free of non-secured debris.


6. All Vehicles must have seatbelts or harnesses worn by driver and passenger.

7. Batteries must be secured and Fire Extinguisher in an easy to reach position.

8.  All Vehicles will be inspected and Classes established during this inspection.

9.  All Vehicles with OPEN top or SOFT top must have Roll Bar.

10. Both Driver and Passenger (LIMIT ONE) MUST Wear DOT approved Helmet and Seatbelt or Harness.

11. Any Driver under 18 must sign a release form.  No drivers under age of 16.

12. Speed Limit is 5mph on grounds.  No spinning tires on roadways or pit (use common sense)

13. If you become stuck in the pit ALL DRIVERS MUST remain in the cab.

14.  No drugs, Alcohol allowed on premises, any driver found to be under the influence will forfeit their fees.